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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2000 (English)



45 minutes


Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions which follow

Mr. Kobi, the next speaker, said that although he had left the school many years ago, he still remembered with thanks all that the headmaster had done to make sure that his pupils were well prepared for life. He was sorry that the headmaster had decided to retire at so early an age. This would deprive the pupils of his assistance long before it was necessary to do so. However, he wished the headmaster the best of luck in his retirement and offered him a silver tray as a sign of the high esteem in which his old pupils held him.

After the tray had been handed over, the retiring headmaster came forward to make his speech of thanks. He began by giving a brief summary of the time he had spent as headmaster of the school. He added that it had always been his aim to do his best for the pupils under his charge. He expressed his gratitude to the masters who had been on his staff for their hard work and sacrifice. Finally, he said how glad he was that he was being succeeded as headmaster by Mr. Smith, who had been teaching in the school for many years. He believed that Mr. Smith was generally admired and respected by all who knew him. He asked all his old pupils to take an interest in the school after he had gone, and promised that he would certainly do so himself.

1. Mr. Kobi was sorry about the headmaster‟s early retirement because
A. it was necessary to do so
B. he would deny the pupils of his help
C. he had done a lot
D. the pupils were well prepared for life

2. Which of the following is not true of the headmaster?
A. He was hated by the people
B. He had worked hard
C. He was happy
D. He had worked for a long time

3. Brief in the passage means
A. necessary
B. good C. true D. short

4. According to the passage, Mr. Smith was
A. liked by many people
B. liked by the headmaster only
C. a disciplinarian
D. a gentleman

5. The retiring headmaster said he would continue …………….. the school.
A. praising
B. to teach in
C. visiting
D. to do his best for

It is easy to see why television is so attractive to both children and adults. It is available in the home and we can watch it in comfort whenever we please. Besides, it provides entertainment after a day‟s work. Television also enables us to see places and people and their ways of life. Even people with little or no formal education can watch and enjoy the programmes.

Unfortunately, television takes up much of our time. To watch it we must sit in front of it, watch as long as a programme lasts, and do little else. This exclusive aspect of television, the fact that it prevents us from doing other things, poses more serious problems than is commonly realized. While television may provide an acceptable form of relaxation for adults after a day‟s work, it robs children of the time they must use to learn other things. In addition, not everything that television offers is good. Even when children‟s programmes are provided, we are not sure that these are the only ones they will watch. In fact, these days children watch more programmes meant for adults than for them.

One likely outcome of this is that children may learn about the adult world too soon, and at a time when they can easily be influenced.

6. People like to watch television because it
A. is very beautiful
B. solves serious problems
C. is available
D. provides relaxation

7. The writer feels that children should
A. watch television with their parents

B. do nothing while watching television
C. not watch all programmes
D. learn about adult life

8. Poses in the passage means
A. solves
B. increases
C. presents
D. determines

9. According to the passage, which of the following is not true about television?
A. It is a source of entertainment.
B. It helps us to see unknown places and people C. People with little education can also watch it. D. Everybody has one

10. From the passage, we realise that the writer
A. dislikes adult programmes
B. is not happy about the present situation
C. produces television programmes
D. wants television to be banned

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