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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2002 (English)



45 minutes


Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions which follow


Antobam‟s first day in senior secondary school was the day he would never forget. That morning he got up earlier than usual ready for his father to take him to the new school. With the help of his father‟s houseboy, his trunk and chop box were packed into his father‟s car. At exactly eleven o‟clock, the car sped off as Antobam happily waved goodbye to his brothers and sisters.

After about one and a half hours‟ drive, they arrived at the school. Antobam beamed with smiles as the car pulled up in front of the administration block. Some huge boys rushed to the car shouting, “Hommo, welcome; hommo, welcome!” Antobam misunderstood this for a warm welcome, but he was soon proved wrong.

From the list of newcomers displayed on the notice board, Antobam‟s father saw his son‟s name under House Two and wanted to take the luggage there. But one of the boys politely said, “Daddy, stop. We have a tradition here.” Before he knew what was happening, two of the boys had lifted his trunk and chop box and put them on Antobam‟s head. He had never carried any load on his head before, but here he was with the arduous task of carrying two heavy boxes. Tears started flowing as his father looked on in disbelief. He later left the school very disturbed, wondering what was going to happen to his beloved son.

1. Antobam got up early that morning because he …..
A. was very happy
B. was anxious to go to his new school
C. would never forget that day
D. was woken up by his father

2. Antobam arrived at his new school at half past ……….
A. ten
B. eleven

C. twelve
D. two

3. The senior boys made Antobam carry his boxes because they …………
A. welcomed his father
B. were following tradition
C. thought he was strong
D. tried to seize his provisions

4. Arduous in the passage means
A. strange
B. new
C. additional
D. difficult

5. Antobam‟s father left the school ……
A. a happy man
B. crying for his son
C. a worried man
D. promising to come back


Every year, thousands of African school leavers from the rural areas rush to the urban areas to seek employment. Apart from leaving the countryside thinly populated, these youths cause overcrowding in the cities. They cannot get any house to live in so they are found sleeping in market places and on verandas.

Most of our youths regard agriculture as a poor man‟s business. They prefer white-collar jobs to farming and forget that one can gain fame or wealth through agriculture. Most of these youths are greatly disappointed in the townships. Lack of jobs and money force them to join bad companies, break into houses at night or snatch people‟s bags at lorry parks or in the street during the day. They often wear dirty clothes and are seen in the streets trying to find something to eat.

One way of checking this movement is by setting up factories in the rural areas and establishing large farms where the school leavers can easily find work. Other ways are providing good means of transport and communication. Libraries, medical services and post offices are equally important amenities necessary in rural areas.

These facilities together with good drinking water and electricity will make these areas attractive enough for the youth to remain and help grow food and cash crops for the country. They can also produce raw materials for our industries.

6. School leavers migrate to the cities and towns to …….
A. seek enjoyment

B. look for work
C. look for amenities
D. continue their education

7. One of the results of the movement of the youth in the rural areas is that the
A. towns are overcrowded
B. rural areas lack money
C. youth are greatly disappointed
D. rural areas lose their people

8. White-collar jobs as used in the passage means ………
A. working in the cities
B. working in offices
C. wearing white-collar shirts
D. working for white men

9. The word snatch means ……….
A. carry B. steal C. push
D. damage

10. When the youth come into the cities ………
A. there is over population B. amenities are provided C. jobs are created
D. they become very happy

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