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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2002 (English)


21. The manager‟s strange behaviour made the workers smell a rat. This means that the workers became..…
A. rude
B. discouraged
C. disappointed
D. suspicious


From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence

22. My former headmaster has consented to be my referee.
A. promised B. planned C. decided
D. refused

23. Th e suspect was guilty.
A. free
B. innocent
C. discharged
D. imprisoned

24. When school starts the national flag is hoisted.
A. lowered B. dropped C. saluted D. hung

25. We could see that mother was very proud of her dark complexion.
A. natural
B. clean

C. fair
D. attractive

26. The car needs a hard push in order to start.
A. drag B. tow C. force
D. pull


From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.

27. The doctor advised the patient to stay away ……..alcohol.
A. for
B. on
C. from
D. with

28. You have not paid your fees, ……..?
A. will you
B. won‟t you C. hadn‟t you D. have you

29. His pair of trousers ……..torn.
A. is B. are C. have D. has

30. I prefer honey ………sugar.
A. to B. are C. from D. for

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