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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2006 (English)

April 2006


45 minutes


Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions which follow


“Amma, Amma, get up and sweep the compound!” Maa Tee shouted. However, Amma had decided she wasn‟t going to work that day.

“What do I do to escape these chores?” Amma asked.

“I‟ll pretend to be ill, then Mama can‟t insist that I do any work. This is a brilliant idea. I‟m not so daft
after all,” she thought.

When Amma told Maa Tee about her headache, MaaTee suspended everything she was doing and ordered her to get ready for the hospital. Poor Amma, her plan had backfired!

On their way to the hospital Amma prayed that the doctor would be absent, but she was out of luck that day. The doctor examined Amma and found her as fit as a fiddle. He then guessed that Amma had feigned illness because she wanted to dodge her usual Saturday morning chores.

“I‟m sorry MaaTee, Amma is very ill. Take her to the injection room for three injections. They will …”

Before the doctor could finish speaking, Amma rushed out of the consulting room with lightening speed and would not stop anywhere till she reached home. The doctor then looked at Maa Tee and burst out laughing as he asked MaaTee to go home. By the time MaaTee got home Amma had finished all the household chores.

1. Ma aTee suspended everything she was doing because
A. she did not believe what Amma said
B. Amma had annoyed her
C. she wanted to take Amma to the hospital
D. Amma wanted to go to the hospital

2. The word daft in the passage means
A. disobedient
B. good
C. strange
D. unintelligent

3. According to the passage Amma
A. was very ill
B. enjoyed sweeping
C. was ordered to go and sweep
D. was really not ill

4. From the passage it can be said that MaaTee was a ……….. mother
A. bad
B. caring C. strong D. weak

5. Amma rushed out of the consulting room because she
A. was afraid of the doctor
B. wanted to do her work at home
C. pitied her mother
D. was afraid of the injection


Grandpa is a robust centenarian. At his age, his eyesight is as clear as a child‟s and his memory as equally sharp. We have always wondered what has kept him going all these years. “I have a secret theory of life,” is the reply he gives to anyone who asks.

Grandpa‟s secret theory is, after all, quite simple when he explains it. He talks of a joyful attitude to life. He says that joy begets enthusiasm and a burning desire to encourage others. He never walks anyone away who needs help, even though Grandpa can never be described as rich.

Grandpa believes that as we see ourselves in a mirror, so do others see us. The mirror merely reflects what is before it. So if we are wicked, people will see us as wicked and if we are honest, we will not suspect others of being deceitful.

One part of Grandpa‟s secret theory that he holds dearest is his love for truth. He thinks that truth enables one to live a free life devoid of stress and worries. “Let your nay be nay,” he says, whenever he finds one of us telling a lie in order to avoid trouble. He believes that if we tell lies, we will have to create more lies to cover them. On the other hand truth never changes.

Grandpa never ends his explanation without rolling his eyes excitedly and advising us to be true to
ourselves so that we can‟t be false to others.

6. Which of the following is true?
Grandpa is ………………….man.
A. a poor B. a sick C. an old
D. a lonely

7. People ……………..Grandpa
A. fear
B. admire C. dislike D. tolerate

8. devoid of in the passage means
A. unless B. despite C. against D. without

9. According to the passage the mirror …………what a person is.
A. reproduces
B. changes C. enlarges D. extends

10. Grandpa advises us to be true to ourselves in order
A. not to be poor
B. to be a man C. to be kind D. not to lie


Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in
each sentence

11. All the pupils are skilful at using the computer
A. interested

B. lazy
C. expert
D. happy

12. The parent who donated the books to our school wants to remain anonymous
A. quiet
B. rich
C. unimportant
D. unknown

13. Kofi is the most popular man in the village.
A. wanted
B. respected
C. liked
D. feared

14. The PTA meeting has been postponed.
A. delayed B. cancelled C. announced D. held

15. Issah is gentle but his sister is arrogant
A. shy
B. proud C. clever D. tough


In each of the following sentences a group of words has been underlined. Choose from the alternatives lettered
A to D the one that best explains the underlined words.

16. Your father‟s car is expensive; my father bought his for a song.
This means my father‟s car was
A. a used car
B. cheap
C. beautiful
D. a gift

17. Fatima warned her brother that his friend had a loose tongue
This means his friend
A. could not keep quiet

B. could not keep secrets
C. was a stammerer
D. was dishonest

18. Adzo‟s bad manners make her the black sheep of the family. This means Adzo is a
A. bully
B. destroyer C. disgrace D. liar

19. When I went to Accra Mr Asah put me up for the night.
This means Mr Asah
A. received me
B. entertained me very well C. gave me a place to sleep D. was angry with me.

20. The Education Ministry takes the li on‟s share of the budget. This means that the Education Ministry
A. uses all the money
B. is given the largest amount of the money C. is given the smallest amount of the money D. borrows money


From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence

21. Everybody was happy because we had a fruitful discussion.
A. long
B. useless
C. short
D. frank

22. Abiola complained that the work was tedious.
A. boring B. dirty C. good D. easy

23. The students rushed towards the nearest entrance.
A. closure
B. opening

C. exit
D. departure

24. I believe that Fusena is guilty of the crime.
A. ignorant
B. aware
C. innocent
D. careless

25. Mrs. Addo is our hostess for the show.
A. guest
B. speaker
C. guide
D. sponsor


From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.

26. Mary and Comfort are …………….arriving this weekend.
A. both
B. all
C. either
D. neither

27. Abukari prefers dancing ……………swimming.
A. by B. for C. than D. to

28. All …………….you are saying is true.
A. what
B. that
C. which
D. as

29. My boss says you are ……………..for his liking.
A. slow
B. much slow
C. slower
D. too slow

30. Panyin is ………….taller than Kakra.
A. more B. much C. so
D. too

31. Baby Tee has been missing ………….Saturday.
A. since B. from C. until D. for

32. Akua could you ………… your English book?
A. lend
B. borrow C. afford D. buy

33. Kofi insisted ……………..painting the house for us.
A. in B. at C. on
D. with

34. This book is mine and that is ………….
A. your B. yours‟ C. your‟s D. yours

35. If Asi had gone to Beseasi, she …………her mother.
A. would meet
B. would have met
C. will meet
D. had met

36. You had too much to eat, ……………
A. didn‟t you? B. don‟t you?
C. haven‟t you?
D. isn‟t it?

37. He came in while I …………….my dinner.
A. am having
B. had

C. have
D. was having

38. The prisoner would neither talk …………….eat.
A. yet B. but C. or D. nor

39. Afote gave his friend …………………… of his bread.
A. little B. few C. some D. any

40. John and Anita have always loved …………..
A. each other B. one another C. themselves D. each one


April 2006




1. C. she wanted to take Amma to the hospital

2. D. unintelligent

3. D. was really not ill

4. B. caring

5. D. was afraid of the injection

6. C. an old

7. B. admire

8. D. without

9. A. reproduces

10. D. not to lie

11. C. expert

12. D. unknown

13. C. liked

14. A. delayed

15. B. proud

16. B. cheap

17. B. could not keep secrets

18. C. disgrace

19. C. gave me a place to sleep

20. B. is given the largest amount of the money

21. B. useless

22. D. easy

23. C. exit

24. A. ignorant

25. A. guest

26. A. both

27. D. to

28. B. that

29. D. too slow

30. B. much

31. A. since

32. A. lend

33. C. on

34. D. yours

35. B. would have met

36. A. didn‟t you?

37. D. was having

38. D. nor

39. C. some

40. A. each other

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