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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2015 (Home Economics)


June 2015
(Home Economics 1)
Objective Test
40 minutes

1. An example of a permanent stitch is
A. backstitch
B. basting
C. even tacking
D. tailors’ tacks

2. The purpose of the napkin in table laying is to clean
A. sweat off the face
B. the mouth during eating
C. the plates before serving
D. the table after eating

3. Fish caught with chemicals may cause
A. diarrhoea
B. dysentery
C. poisoning
D. vomiting

4. Colours which are opposite to each other on the colour wheel are referred to as
A. analogous colours
B. complementary colours
C. cool colours
D. warm colours

5. An artist who has blue, red and yellow colours can obtain violet by mixing
A. all the three colours
B. blue with green
C. red with blue
D. yellow with blue


6. The type of projection used for the drawing is the
A. first angle projection
B. isometric projection
C. oblique projection
D. third angle projection

7. The view arrowed Q represents the
A. front elevation
B. plan
C. left end view
D. right end view

8. A sketch is a
A. collection of different lines
B. drawing made with pencil
C. finished detailed drawing
D. quick drawing in few lines

9. A developed cylinder shows a
A. circle
B. rectangle
C. square
D. triangle

10. Which of the following describes the strength and weakness of a design?
A. Specification
B. Investigation
C. Evaluation
D. Analysis

11. Shading is a rendering technique used to create
A. outlines
B. painting
C. pictures
D. tones

12. When a problem is described within any environment, it is termed as
A. brief
B. situation
C. solution
D. specification

13. A place where artworks are displayed and sold is a
A. gallery
B. museum
C. studio
D. workshop

14. Texture, colour and shape in a design are referred to as
A. elements
B. ideas
C. objects
D. principles

15. The safest way of keeping one’s daily sales is by
A. depositing it at the bank
B. giving it to mother for safe keeping
C. keeping it in an envelope
D. putting it under the sewing machine

16. The pinking shears is useful for
A. cutting out motifs
B. cutting out pattern pieces
C. neatening seams
D. trimming turnings

17. A stiletto is used for
A. cutting buttonholes
B. darning
C. patching
D. punching eyelet holes

18. Corduroy is a fabric produced from
A. cotton fibres
B. linen fibres
C. silk fibres
D. woollen fibres

19. The most suitable seam for making a boy’s jeans is
A. double-stitched seam
B. dressmaker’s seam
C. French seam
D. overlaid seam

20. The amount of fabric needed to make a six year old girl’s uniform is determined by
A. her height
B. her size
C. the school she attends
D. the width of fabric

21. Tapes are used as fastenings on garments for
A. babies
B. school children
C. teenagers
D. the aged

22. The main purpose of repairing a garment is to
A. alter the style
B. beautify it
C. prevent waste
D. prolong its lifespan

23. The most appropriate equipment used in draining off fat when frying fish on a large scale
A. cane basket
B. colander
C. metal sieve
D. strainer

24. Scalds are caused by
A. dry heat
B. shocks
C. suffocation
D. wet heat

25. In Ghana, for easy transportation and marketing, fresh fish is often preserved by
A. canning
B. drying
C. pickling
D. smoking

26. Peeled banana left in the open changes colour due to
A. activities of yeast
B. enzyme action
C. fermentation
D. oxidation

27. Dishes cooked by poaching and steaming are
A. easily digested
B. easy to handle
C. very attractive
D. very palatable

28. ……………. is a method of cooking in which the heat gets to food directly.
A. Baking
B. Boiling
C. Grilling
D. Stewing

29. A set of menu forming a complete meal at a set price is termed
A. a la carte
B. ethnic menu
C. special party menu
D. table d’hote

30. The advantage of taking breakfast is that it
A. helps to keep the body warm
B. helps one to perform physical activities better
C. makes meals more appetizing
D. makes meals more nutritious


June 2015
(Home Economics 1)
Objective Test
1. A. backstitch
2. B. the mouth during eating
3. C. poisoning
4. B. complementary colours
5. C. red with blue
6. D. third angle projection
7. A. front elevation
8. D. quick drawing in few lines
9. B. rectangle
10. C. Evaluation
11. D. tones
12. B. situation
13. A. gallery
14. A. elements
15. A. depositing it at the bank
16. C. neatening seams
17. D. punching eyelet holes
18. A. cotton fibres
19. A. double-stitched seam
20. D. her size
21. A. babies
22. D. prolong its lifespan
23. A. cane basket
24. D. wet heat
25. D. smoking
26. D. oxidation
27. A. easily digested
28. C. Grilling
29. D. table d’hote
30. B. helps one to perform physical activities better
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