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BECE Past Questions & Answers 2012(pretechnical skills)


(Pre-Technical Skills 1)
Objective Test
40 minutes

1. Which of the sets are temporary stitches?
A. Basting and tracking
B. Hemming and basting
C. Tracking and hemming
D. Tracking and running

2. The main vitamin Ama gets when she eats oranges is
A. vitamin C
B. vitamin D
C. vitamin E
D. vitamin K

3. Crockery is a collection of
A. forks and spoons
B. glasses and spoons
C. plates and forks
D. plates and glasses

4. The arrangement of the shapes in a picture is known as:
A. blending
B. composition
C. drawing
D. toning

5. Which of the following colours produces a feeling of coolness?
A. blue
B. orange
C. violet
D. white

6. The aspect of analysis which considers the appearance of an artefact is known as
A. aesthetics
B. construction
C. ergonomics
D. function

7. In designing, possible solutions are generated by the use of
I. observation
II. drawing
III. sketches

Which of the following options are correct?
A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. I and III only
D. I, II and III

8. Drawing of an object starts with
A. colour
B. line
C. shape
D. texture

9. Which of the following colours is used to represent an earth wire?
A. blue
B. brown
C. red
D. yellow

The figure below is a wooden block. Use it to answer question 10 and 11

10. Which of the following views represent the plan?

11. The left-end view is represented by

12. Weakness on a joint of furniture may be due to
A. excessive glueing
B. hammering hard
C. missing nail
D. over polishing

13. Which of the following options suggest a dot in nature?
A. a cube of sugar
B. a grain of sand
C. footpath lane
D. Veins of a leaf

14. The B range of pencils are the
A. finest
B. hardest
C. smoothest
D. softest

15. Mounting an exhibition enables the dressmaker to
I. show her handiwork
II. attract customers
III. increase her income
IV. show her generosity

A. I, II and III only
B. I, II and IV only
C. II and IV
D. III and IV only

16. Brass is made of
A. copper and tin
B. copper and zinc
C. lead and tin
D. lead and zinc

17. Which of the following tools is used for checking alignment of a wall?
A. building square
B. folding rule
C. gauge
D. straight edge

18. The symbol below indicates a/an

A. diode
B. capacitor
C. inductor
D. resistor
19. Iron filings are removed from the teeth of a file by using
A. chalk
B. scriber
C. file card
D. flat chisel

20. Mould boxes are oiled before use to
A. increase the size of the brick
B. prevent brick sticking to the box
C. smoothen the surface of the brick
D. give the brick a shiny surface

21. The type of line drawn across the rectangle below is

A. centre line
B. hidden detail
C. construction line
D. dimensional line

22. Which of the following is an abrasive?
A. oil paint
B. emery cloth
C. wax polish
D. contact glue

23. Metals which contain iron and carbon are called
A. non-ferrous alloy
B. non-ferrous metals
C. ferrous metals
D. fibre glass

24. The tool used for marking out the final circular shape below is a

A. scriber
B. pair of dividers
C. dot punch
D. centre punch

25. Glass paper is used on wood to
A. fill the pores
B. produce a smooth surface
C. form beautiful grains
D. reduce the thickness

26. Which of the following is not a safety measure when using electrical appliances?
A. Read all warning and instructions on the appliance before use
B. Do not touch electrical appliance with wet hands
C. Do not plug in too many appliances on a socket at a time
D. Leave all appliances on after use.

27. Which of the following is the correct order of applying a finish to a block wall?
I. Plastering
II. Painting
III. Scraping


Use the figure below to answer questions 28 to 30

28. The figure is a
A. rule
B. tee square
C. try square
D. set square

29. The part labeled X is called
A. blade
B. lead
C. set
D. stock

30. The tool shown in the figure is used to
A. draw horizontal lines
B. draw vertical lines
C. set variable angles
D. measure horizontal lines


April 2012
(Pre-Technical Skills 1)
Objective Test

1. A. Basting and tacking
2. A. vitamin C
3. D. plates and glasses
4. B. composition
5. A. blue
6. A. aesthetics
7. B. II and III only
8. B. line
9. D. yellow
10. A.
11. C.
12. C. missing nail
13. B. a grain of sand
14. D. softest
15. A. I, II and III only
16. B. copper and zinc
17. D. straight edge
18. A. diode
19. C. file card
20. B. prevent brick sticking to the box
21. A. centre line
22. B. emery cloth
23. C. ferrous metals
24. D. centre punch
25. B. produce a smooth surface
26. D. Leave all appliances on after use
27. B. I, III, II
28. B. tee square
29. D. stock
30. A. draw horizontal lines

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