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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2001 (RME)



45 Minutes

1. The first Ark to save God‟s people from the flood was built by
A. David B. Abraham C. Noah D. Solomon E. Moses

2. Jesus Christbegan his ministryat the ageof
A. 12 B. 25 C. 30 D. 33 E. 45

3. A Muslim is a person who
A. is at peacewith God andhis neighbour
B. can recitethe wholeQuran C. fastsduringtheRamadan D. visits Mecca every year
E. comes from Arabia

4. From the ageof eight,Muhammad was broughtup by
A. Halimah
B. Abdul Mutalib
C. Khadijah
D. Abu Talib
E. Abdullah Amina

5. TheMuslimfestival of sacrificeis
A. Eid-ul-Fitr B. Bilabi Nabi C. Ramadan
D. Eid-ul-Khalimat
E. Eid-ul-Adhar

6. Oneof the characteristics of theAfrican Traditional Religion is that it
A. originatesfrom theFar East
B. regardsGod and Jesus atthe centreof worship
C. was establishedbyapowerful African King D. has common beliefs andpracticeswithIslam E. has no written scriptures

7. Traditional religion is practiced in order to
A. instildiscipline

B. worship idols
C. preserveAfrican culture
D. disregard other religion
E. seek help from magicians

8. God is omnipresent. This means that God
A. is all-powerful
B. knows everything
C. is everywhere D. is all forgiving E. is verygracious

9. God blessed and madethe Sabbath holybecauseitwas theday
A. theIsraelites fought theirwars
B. forsettlingalldisputes
C. set aside forthe Passoverfeast
D. that God rested from creation
E. Moses received theTenCommandments

10. Salat is to prayer ascharityis to
A. Zakat B. Shahadah C. Sawm D. Hajj E. Sunnah

11. Akwasidaeaccordingto theAkan calendar is
A. adaythat marks thebeginningof themonth
B. the first Sundaythat marks thebeginningof themonth
C. the Sundaythat marks the42nd dayof themonth
D. adayon which theGolden Stooldescended
E. adaywhenrituals arenot performed

12. The first Jewish templewas builtby
A. David B. Saul C. Solomon D. Samuel E. Elijah

13. Jesus Christwas born in
A. Jerusalem B. Bethlehem C. Bethsaida D. Galilee E. Nazareth

14. Which ofthe following succeeded Muhammad?
A. Abdullah
B. Musa Muhammad
C. Abubakar
D. IssaIbrahim
E. Ali Muhammad

15. Themain role ofangelsinIslam is to
A. reveal Allah‟sorders andmessages to His Prophets
B. help Allah‟sProphets to understand the Quran

C. explain dreamsto thepeople
D. give spiritual powers forthe writingofQuran
E. give spiritual powers to thosewho perform sacrifices to Allah

16. Howmanytimes do Muslims go round the Ka‟baduringtheHajj?
A. 1 B. 3 C. 5 D. 7 E. 10

17. TheDentsiAsafo Companyis associated with thefestival of
A. Homowo B. Aboakyir C. Odwira D. Akwambo E. Damba

18. Which ofthe followingfestivals help to develop thestrength and vitalityof theyouth?
A. Hogbetsotso
B. Odwira
C. Fetu
D. Damba
E. Aboakyir

19. Oneof the roles of theancestor is to A. ensureharmonyin the family B. giveauthorityto thepeople
C. settle ourdebts
D. raise moreancestorsfrom the family
E. avengehis death

20. Dipo is atraditional
A. festival
B. namingceremony
C. pubertyrite
D. death rite
E. worship

21. One can promotegood relationship and peacefullivingbybeing
A. violent and respectful B. respectfuland obedient C. helpful to relatives
D. tactful and aggressive
E. kind and vocal

22. Which ofthe following does not promote progress in a society?
A. Conflicts
B. Reconciliation
C. Communal labour
D. Confession
E. Festivals

23. Kofi‟sfather is an Eweand the motheris Fante.Which ofthe followingstatements about Kofi is true?
A. Hebelongs to thefather‟sclan only

B. Hebelongs to themother‟sclan only
C. Hebelongs to both the father and mother‟sclan D. He cannot becomea chief in themother‟stown E. He cannot inherit his fatheror mother

24. Themain causeof diseases in our communities is
A. filth in oursurroundings
B. lack of refusetrucks
C. lack of drugs
D. malariaparasites
E. poor eatinghabits

25. Conflicts develop amongus through
A. good neighbourliness
B. reconciliation
C. ambitions
D. laziness
E. misunderstandings

26. Which organisation in Ghana, deals with human rights issues
A. National Commission onChildren
B. National CouncilforWomen and Development
C. Commission on HumanRights and AdministrativeJustice
D. National Commission forCivicEducation
E. United Nations Commission on Human Rights

27. To die intestatemeans
A. dyingwith a willmade
B. dyingwith so much propertyand wealth C. havingno oneinheriting you after death D. beinginheritedby your own children
E. dyingwithoutmaking awill

28. Which ofthe following pairs ofgamescan bestmakethe child wise andstrong?
A. Riddles and oware
B. Ampe and quizzes
C. Tug-of-war andwrestling
D. Oware and quizzes
E. Ampe and wrestling

29. Whenyou apologize forcommittingan offence,you aresaid to be
A. comporting B. courteous C. obedient
D. knowledgeable
E. law abiding

30. Leisuretimeis described as a time for

A. scrubbingthetoilet and kitchen
B. goingto church to worship
C. attendingthefuneral of arelative
D. attendingschooland doinghome work
E. playingindoor and outdoorgames

31. Obedienceto thelaws ofthe state can make us
A. fearful and honest citizens
B. gentleand loving citizens
C. simple and God-fearingcitizens
D. patriotic andgood citizens
E. tolerant and forgivingcitizens

32. A goodeatinghabitinvolves
A. eating and drinkingnoisilyat table
B. eating with a cutleryset
C. eating and talkingat thesame time
D. puttingon aprons beforeeating
E. requestingthe oneclose toyou to pass on an itemtoyou

33. We contributeto churchdues andofferings to A. enable thechurch develop spiritually B. promotedeliverance services.
C. help pastors preach well.
D. help evangelize and careforthe poor
E. help the church membersto be anointed

34. To livea chaste life, onemust
A. avoid bad friendsand casual sex
B. work hardand speak thetruth
C. beobedient to parents andelders
D. become aborn again Christian
E. avoid teenagepregnancy

35. Thepracticeof themoral teachings of thevarious religions willlead to
A. increasein churchattendance
B. war and violence
C. peacein society
D. buildingof moreschools
E. the creation of morejobs

36. Which typeof substanceis coffee?
A. Stimulant
B. Hard drug
C. Common drug
D. Beverage
E. Vitamin

37. “The child breaks theshellof asnail andnot thatofthe tortoise.”This proverb means one
A. mustwork hard
B. should avoid laziness
C. should not be over-ambitious
D. should fight courageously
E. should bekind to animals

38. Which ofthe following doesnot constitute amoral responsibilityof thechild?
A. Sweepingthe classroom
B. Workingon his plot
C. WorshippingGod
D. Beingpunctualat school
E. Payment ofschool fees

39. What contribution can achild makewhena communityschool is beingput up?
A. Roofingthe building
B. Fetchingwater and sand
C. Drawingup the building plan
D. Cheeringthe workers upwith songs
E. Providingfood for theworkers

40. Oneof thebenefits of workinghard is
A. puttingup good houses
B. havingleisure
C. becoming financiallyself-reliant D. becomingpopular andrespectful E. becoming rich andauthoritative




1. C. Noah

2. C. 30

3. A. is at peacewith God andhis neighbour

4. D. Abu Talib

5. E. Eid-ul-Adhar

6. E. has no written scriptures

7. A. instildiscipline

8. C. is everywhere

9. D. that God rested from creation

10. A. Zakat

11. C. theSundaythat marks the42nd dayof themonth

12. C. Solomon

13. B. Bethlehem

14. C. Abubakar

15. A. reveal Allah‟sorders andmessages to His Prophets

16. D. 7

17. B. Aboakyir

18. E. Aboakyir

19. A. ensureharmonyin the family

20. C. pubertyrite

21. B. respectfuland obedient

22. A. Conflicts

Hebelongs to both the father and mother‟sclan

filth in oursurroundings


Commission on HumanRights and AdministrativeJustice

dyingwithoutmaking awill

Ampe and quizzes


playingindoor and outdoorgames

patriotic andgood citizens

requestingthe oneclose toyou to pass on an itemtoyou

help evangelize and careforthe poor

avoid bad friendsand casual sex

peacein society


should not be over-ambitious

Payment ofschool fees

Fetchingwater and sand

becoming financiallyself-reliant

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