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Bece Past Questions & Answers – 2009 (SOCIAL STUDIES)

APRIL 2009


45 minutes

1. During the Second World War, Ghanaian soldiers fought on the side of
A. Germany and her allies B. America and her allies C. Britain and her allies
D. Japan and her allies

2. One of the measures the government of Ghana can use to reduce poverty is
A. paying higher interest on savings
B. obtaining World Bank loan
C. giving away public funds
D. equipping the unemployed with skills

3. Cape Town in South Africa falls within the
A. Warm Temperate Climate B. Cool Temperate Climate C. Tundra Climate
D. Tropical Climate

4. A president who performs judicial functions abuses the principle of
A. checks and balances
B. separation of powers
C. fundamental human rights
D. collective responsibility

5. Economic self-reliance is a necessary factor for maintaining
A. political independence
B. democratic rule
C. national unity
D. higher education

6. Which type of rain occurs when cold and warm air masses meet?
A. Orographic
B. Convectional
C. Cyclonic
D. Thunderstorm

7. Ghana co-operates with other nations mainly to
A. ensure her political stability B. develop her national trade C. maintain internal peace
D. maintain international peace

8. For a nation to be economically independent, she must
A. educate her citizens
B. produce her basic needs
C. rely on her colonial master for aid
D. co-operate with her neighbours

9. The Arctic Circle is A. 23 ½ ° north B. 23 ½ ° south C. 66 ½ ° north D. 66 ½ ° south

10. The system by which a foreigner acquires citizenship of another country is
A. registration
B. nationalization
C. adoption
D. naturalization

11. Parents can reduce conflicts at home when they
A. use corporal punishment
B. increase children‟s privileges
C. offer advice to children
D. detain children

12. When one moves eastwards and crosses the International Date line
A. a day is gained
B. a day is lost
C. shorter hours of day is experienced
D. longer hours of day is experienced

13. Which of the following industries is having negative influences on the Ghanaian culture?
A. Mining
B. Agriculture
C. Fishing
D. Tourism

14. Which of the following is not a social problem in Ghana?
A. Low standard of living

B. Low agricultural production
C. Low literacy rate
D. High birth rate

15. The highest points in Ghana are found on the
A. Gambaga Escarpment
B. Akwapim Ridge
C. Togo Range
D. Mampong Scarp

16. One of the following was not a founding member of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) A. J. B. Danquah
B. Ako Adjei
C. Kwame Nkrumah
D. George Grant

17. The chief representative of the central government in the district is the
A. Parliamentarian of the District
B. District Co-ordinating Director
C. Presiding Member of the District Assembly
D. District Chief Executive

18. The Mediterranean lands are known for the production of
A. citrus
B. tea
C. grains
D. vegetables

19. A medical officer at a government hospital is a
A. director
B. civil servant
C. public servant
D. consultant


The conventional sign on a topographical sheet represents a
A. school
B. church
C. bridge
D. settlement

21. The development of communities in your area is the responsibility of the
A. Member of Parliament
B. Traditional Council
C. Unit Committee
D. District Assembly

22. When the time at Tema is 12 noon, the time at a place on longitude 30°w is
A. 9 am B. 10 am C. 11 am D. 2 pm

23. One duty of a citizen is to
A. enjoy free education
B. join a religious group
C. assist the police in investigations
D. support a political party

24. The institution established under the 1992 Constitution to educate the public on their rights is the
A. National Commission for Civic Education
B. National Media Commission
C. Electoral Commission
D. Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ)

25. Which of the following constitutes human rights abuse?
A. Being searched by a security agent
B. Interrogation by a security agent
C. Police detention beyond forty-eight hours
D. Lawful imprisonment beyond forty-eight hours

26. When one faces the rising sun, the left hand
A. always points to the north
B. sometimes points to the north C. sometimes points to the west D. always points to the west

27. In order to fully develop our natural resources we must
A. bring in experts from abroad
B. train our human resource
C. go for loans from abroad for farming
D. compel the youth to undertake farming

28. The 1951 general election granted Ghana
A. political independence
B. republican status
C. membership of the Commonwealth
D. internal self-government

29. The construction industry is an example of
A. secondary production

B. tertiary production
C. primary production
D. subsistence production

30. Rocks that have their original features changed through very high temperature and pressure are called
A. metamorphic B. sedimentary C. volcanic
D. igneous

31. Which of these countries is in the Southern Hemisphere?
A. Japan
B. Malaysia
C. Brazil
D. North Korea

32. In the Ghanaian society, irresponsible parenting is one of the causes of
A. rural-urban migration
B. teenage pregnancy
C. late marriages
D. infant mortality

33. The major reason for establishing castle schools by the Europeans was to
A. educate the people on human rights
B. teach religious knowledge C. educate their own children D. introduce formal education

34. Which of the following cereals grows well in the Sudan Savana?
A. Wheat
B. Rice
C. Sorghum
D. Millet

35. Another name for the North-East Trade Winds is
A. Fohn
B. Harmattan C. Monsoon D. Westerlies

36. The organ of government that initiates policies to be passed into law is the
A. Media
B. Judiciary C. Parliament D. Executive

37. The breakdown of extended families in our communities is mainly caused by
A. numerous family meetings B. high increase in population C. pressure of work
D. adoption of foreign culture

38. The high dependency problem of some families can be solved by
A. practising family planning
B. sending children to school
C. sharing the responsibilities with relatives
D. encouraging parents to feed their children properly

39. A hill with a steep slope on one side and a gentle slope on the other side is a/an
A. ridge
B. escarpment
C. knoll
D. plateau

40. Democracy in our nation could be sustained by
A. teaching the people information technology B. operating one party system of government C. holding general elections every decade
D. giving the people political education


APRIL 2009




1. C. Britain and her allies

2. D. equipping the unemployed with skills

3. A. Warm Temperate Climate

4. B. separation of powers

5. A. political independence

6. C. Cyclonic

7. D. maintain international peace

8. B. produce her basic needs

9. C. 66 ½ ° north

10. D. naturalization

11. C. offer advice to children

12. B. a day is lost

13. D. Tourism

14. B. Low agricultural production

15. C. Togo Range

16. C. Kwame Nkrumah

17. D. District Chief Executive

18. A. citrus

19. C. public servant

20. D. settlement

21. D. District Assembly

10 am

assist the police in investigations

National Commission for Civic Education

Police detention beyond forty-eight hours

always points to the north

train our human resource

internal self-government

secondary production



teenage pregnancy

educate their own children




adoption of foreign culture

practising family planning


giving the people political education

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