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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 1992 (English)


21. The teacher advised Kofi not to beat about the bush. This means Kofi was asked to ………….
A. clear the bush
B. beat others in the bush C. go straight to the point D. waste no more time
E. stop clearing the bush


From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence

22. He seldom comes here.
A. never
B. sometimes
C. rarely D. nearly E. always

23. The police office was harsh on the criminal
A. soft to
B. lenient with
C. mild with
D. cruel to
E. rough

24. Musa was arrested for printing counterfeit cedi notes
A. correct
B. new
C. acceptable
D. genuine
E. fine

25. My father was a very stout man
A. handsome
B. short C. lean D. ill
E. weak

26. I agreed to everything Lucy said.
A. mocked at
B. stood by
C. interfered with
D. took in
E. objected to


From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.

27. Help him to pay his fees, …………?
A. will you B. must you C. can‟t you D. won‟t you

28. Kwasi, you are coming to see me tomorrow, ………….?
A. isn‟t it
B. aren‟t you
C. won‟t you

D. don‟t you

29. If Mary had known she wouldn‟t have come, ……….?
A. wasn‟t it B. hadn‟t she C. did she
D. would she

30. She dances so beautifully, …………..?
A. not so
B. can‟t she
C. doesn‟t she
D. isn‟t it

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