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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 1992 (English)


August 1992


45 minutes


Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions which follow


Njoman and Putu then went to a quiet spot on the path where it crossed a small stream. A few women were bathing in the stream; some were washing clothes. They joked with Njoman, for they knew why he was there. Soon they saw Ragini approaching with a basket of fruits and vegetables on her head.

„Hello, Njoman,‟ she said, pretending not to know why he waited there with his best friend. „Hello Ragini. What did you buy in the market?‟ „Mostly fruits for rudjaks‟ (spicy salad). „Wait, Ragini‟, Njoman said as he stood up. „Putu will carry them for you. It is time for us to go off together and marry‟. Putu took the basket; Njoman took Ragini by the hand and said, „We shall go to my cousin‟s house in the next village‟.

As they were walking off, Ragini turned to the women and feigned distress. „Njoman is taking me away. What can I do?‟ In this way, according to Balinese tradition, Ragini submitted to her abductor.


2. How did Ragini behave when she was invited by Njoman?
A. She pretended she was in great pain and misery. B. She talked to the women furiously
C. She just walked off with her basket of fruits
D. She greeted the women noisily
E. She danced about with joy

3. Which of the following is not true according to the passage?
A. The women teased Njoman
B. Putu held Ragini‟s hand
C. All the women definitely knew his reason for coming
D. Njoman waited for sometime before Ragini arrived
E. Njoman had a secret plan to follow

4. The expression pretending not to know means
A. not knowing what to do
B. behaving well after knowing
C. behaving as if everybody knew what to say
D. behaving as if one did not know something was happening
E. not knowing how to behave.

5. The expression feigned distress means
A. fainted upon seeing the women
B. pretended to be upset and having pain
C. pretended to be very hungry on seeing the fruits
D. fell down with flushed face
E. stood still and watched the women

6. The word abductor means
A. a thief
B. an armed robber
C. a hijacker D. a kidnapper E. a murderer


Apart from foods which supply us with energy, we need certain substances called protein to help us grow, and when we are fully grown, to maintain our strength. These proteins are found in meat, fish, eggs, milk, green vegetables and to a much lesser extent in grains like millet, wheat, guinea corn, rice, etc.

Children fed chiefly on roots will, therefore, stop growing. They often get very ill and die while children who are given milk and eggs grow well and live longer.

However, cow milk is expensive in West Africa and in many places there is a wrong tradition about eggs. Some old people say that if eggs are given to children they become liars. This is not true. Eggs do not make children either tell truth or lie. They are simply good food which will help the child to grow well. Also, the tradition that boys become thieves when they eat meat is not true. Both are bad traditions which have been repeated in some villages from one generation to another.

So, the intelligent mother who wishes to bring up healthy children must discard them.

7. According to the passage, proteins ………………
A. make us well satisfied
B. help us grow well
C. fill our bodies
D. give us energy
E. help to maintain our tradition

8. Which of the following statements is not true according to the passage?
A. Children must eat roots only
B. Old people think meat makes boys thieves
C. Children who are given milk and eggs will grow well
D. The intelligent mother has to do away with some bad traditions
E. Grains do not contain much protein.

9. Cow milk is expensive means it is
A. sweet B. white C. good D. strong E. dear

10. What happens to children who are not given food containing proteins regularly?
A. They often become liars.
B. They often become thieves. C. They often become ill.
D. They should preserve tradition. E. Their traditions often help them.

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