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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2000 (RME)


45 Minutes

1. Christians, Muslims andTraditional worshippersbelievethat the world was created by
A. man
B. an angel
C. the HolySpirit
D. God
E. aprophet

2. Which religion believes that God moved awayfrom the earth because of the activities ofhumankind?
A. Christianity
B. Islam
C. Traditional D. Hinduism E. Buddhism

3. Which ofthe following attributes of God shows that Hehas thewholeworld in His hands
A. Omnipotence B. Omnipresence C. Faithfulness
D. Kindness
E. Love

4. ThethirdIslamicdailyprayer is
A. Asr B. Zuhr C. Fajr D. Maghrib E. Ishai

5. Satan (Iblis) wascursed byAllahafter the creation of man because he
A. was madefrom fire
B. was the leader oftheangels
C. refused to bow down beforeAdam D. influenced Adam and Hawato fall E. was superior to all created things

6. To become aChristian,onemustfirst
A. saytheLord‟sPrayer
B. recitethe Apostle‟screed
C. be confirmed
D. bebaptized

E. marrythe Christian way

7. The revelation of the entireQu‟rantook
A. 23years B. 24years C. 25years D. 26years E. 27years

8. Oneof thereligious values in celebratingtraditional festivals is to
A. acknowledgethe presenceof thegods
B. bringthecitizens together
C. raise funds to develop the community
D. contract marriages
E. settle familydisputes

9. Thepillarof faith inIslam which expresses charityis
A. salat B. sawm C. zakat D. kalimat E. hajj

10. Muslims prayfive timesdailyin order to
A. beknown in their community
B. avoid evil and bad actions
C. dominate world affairs
D. be role models in society
E. beniceto other membersin thesociety

11. Theimportanceof namingceremonyis to
A. announcethatawoman has delivered
B. makeknown to the societytheadditional mouth tobe fed
C. ask for futuresuitors forthe child
D. give thechild an identity
E. solicithelp forthe mother

12. Which ofthe followingis not apatriarch?
A. Abraham B. Isaac C. Jacob D. Noah E. Joseph

13. The festival celebrated byChristians in memoryof the resurrection ofJesus iscalled
A. Christmas B. Easter C. Pentecost D. Passover E. Ash

14. Wednesday

Which ofthese commandments carriedwith it a promise
A. Refrainingfrom murder
B. Not committingadultery C. Lovingone‟sneighbour D. Not bearingfalse witness E. Honouringone‟sparents

15. A religious leader inIslam is called
A. Khalifah B. Imam C. Alhaji D. Mallam E. Sheikh

16. Which ofthe followingrites isperformed to usherthe individual into adulthood?
A. Baptism B. Puberty C. Naming D. Marriage E. Installation

17. Theblind man Jesus healed was called
A. Bartholomew
B. Barabbas
C. Bartimaeus D. Nicodemus E. Lazarus

18. Thesystem bywhich adrink is poured to thegodsand the SupremeBeingis known as
A. sacrifice B. thanksgiving C. worship D. libation E. protection

19. Uthman B. Affan standardized the Qur‟anin order to
A. bringitinto onevolume
B. avoid theomission ofsomeverses C. give theQur‟an the samereading D. stop the fightingamong Muslims
E. encourageMuslims to love one another

20. The first book in the Bible is called
A. Genesis B. Deuteronomy C. Exodus D. Revelation E. Jude

21. Thepayment ofschoolfees andother bills ismainlythe responsibilityof the
A. grandfather B. mother C. uncle D. aunt E. father

22. On eof the advantages of the extended familysystem is that
A. the uncle inherits thefather‟sproperty
B. the children arecaredforbymembers ofthe family
C. the old people aresent toold people‟shomes
D. girls become maidservants of their aunties
E. boys aresent out to workon familylands

23. Theimportanceof washingthe hands beforeeatingis to
A. show others that one is learned
B. show that oneis cleanand neat
C. avoid getting germs into the food D. teach othersabout food hygiene E. whet one‟sappetite before eating

24. You should not talk when eatingbecauseyou
A. mayget choked bythefood

B. willexposethe food inyour mouth
C. willmakeunusual noise
D. mayloseyour mother
E. willbecome dumb later

25. When greeting a chief, a man is expected to
A. remove his sandals and lower his cloth
B. put his hands on his head
C. raise both hands as hewalks towards the chief
D. raise his hands and bowdown
E. stretch both arms towards the chief

26. Which ofthe following shows that one is improperlydressed
A. Tuckingin theshirt
B. Wearingthe beltat theproper place
C. Theunderwear beinglonger than the dress
D. Combingthe hair neatly
E. Polishingthe shoes everyday

27. Human rights include allthe followingexcept
A. the right to live
B. freedom ofassociation
C. freedom ofworship
D. administeringinstant justice
E. the right to vote

28. Rules and regulations in schools arethereto ensure
A. that children attend school regularly
B. good behaviour from children
C. proper maintenanceof school property
D. that children do their assignments regularly
E. that children should bepunished

29. On eof theimportant aims of ayouth organization is to
A. bringunityamongtheyouth
B. learn dancing and merry-making
C. opposethe views oftheelderly
D. let theyouth be on theirown and look forjobs
E. run awayfrom parental control

30. Onewayof helpingto protect the environment from degradation is to
A. rear more animals
B. encouragesmall-scale mining
C. cover theearth‟ssurfacewith sand
D. plant moretrees
E. grow more foodcrops

31. A child is said to be courteous when he

A. converseswith adults
B. givesgifts to friends
C. is admired byhis agegroup
D. dresses wellto school
E. gives ahelpinghand to the elderly

32. Which ofthe following behaviours can best be describedas comportment
A. Respect foroneself
B. Control of one‟stemper
C. Apologisingformistakesdone
D. Respect forone‟sfather
E. Loveforone‟senemy

33. Thebest wayto live in peacein a communityis to
A. understand andco-operatewith others
B. disagreewithyourenemies
C. to be afraid of those in authority
D. enterinto conflict withyour neighbours
E. siton the fencealways

34. Conflicts in oursocietycan best beresolved by
A. beingobedient to truants
B. obeyingthe scriptures
C. being authoritative and proud D. tolerating and forgiving others E. beingforgiving and aggressive.

35. Loveforourcommunityshould bepart ofour trainingso that wecan
A. work harder for its good
B. become democratic
C. developgood skills in it
D. build good and happyhomes
E. build better schools

36. To bepatriotic means
A. goingto school regularly
B. practisingpersonal hygiene
C. defendingthe nation atalltimes
D. engagingin sporting activities
E. participatingincultural activities

37. It is our moral responsibilityto prevent thespreadof choleraby
A. eating abalanced diet
B. attendinghospital regularly
C. taking good careof ourwounds
D. immunizingagainstthe sixkiller diseases
E. keepingthe surroundingsclean

38. Weshow good mannerswhen we
A. give instant justiceto a thief
B. talk to peoplewith both hands
C. smile to people
D. wink oureyes at people
E. eat veryfast at table when late

39. People are committed to each other in friendshipwhen they
A. perform thesametypeofduty
B. areloyal to each other
C. failto protect each other‟s interest
D. attend the same school together
E. attend socialgatherings together

40. Givingout moneyorgifts to somebodyto seekafavourshows that oneis
A. unpatriotic
B. corrupt C. deceitful D. unfaithful E. insincere





1. D. God

2. C. Traditional

3. A. Omnipotence

4. A. Asr

5. D. influenced Adam and Hawato fall

6. D. bebaptized

7. A. 23years

8. A. acknowledgethe presenceof thegods

9. C. zakat

10. B. avoid evil and bad actions

11. D. give thechild an identity

12. E. Joseph

13. B. Easter

14. E. Honouringone‟sparents

15. B. Imam

16. B. Puberty

17. C. Bartimaeus

18. D. libation

19. A. bringitinto onevolume

20. A. Genesis

21. E. father

22. B. the children arecaredforbymembers ofthe family

avoid getting germs into the food

mayget choked bythefood

remove his sandals and lower his cloth

Theunderwear beinglonger than the dress

administeringinstant justice

good behaviour from children


plant moretrees

gives ahelpinghand to the elderly

Respect foroneself

understand andco-operatewith others

tolerating and forgiving others

work harder for its good

defendingthe nation atalltimes

keepingthe surroundingsclean

smile to people

areloyal to each other


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