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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 1999 (RME)



45 Minutes

1. Accordingto Christian teaching, Godcreated man and woman on the
A. 1st day B. 2nd day C. 3rd day D. 5th day E. 6th day

2. Palm Sundayis observed byChristiansto remember the
A. birth and baptism of Christ
B. resurrection and appearanceof Christ C. joyful journeyof Christinto Jerusalem D. baptism of the HolySpirit
E. last supper and sacrificeofChrist

3. God gaveNoah and hispeople the rainbow toremember
A. the floods which destroyed the world
B. the disobedienceof theidol worshippers
C. that God would notdestroythe world with wateragain
D. the buildingof theark
E. the usefulness of the heavenlybodies

4. All the religions in Ghanabelievein
A. Jesus Christ
B. the Bible
C. the Prophet Muhammed
D. the Rain God
E. the Supreme God

5. TheMuslimprayers observed between Asr andIshais
A. Zuhr
B. Juumu‟ah
C. Idd
D. Subhi
E. Maghrib

6. TheIslamicpracticewherewealthyMuslims cater forthe needs ofthe poor and needyis

A. Hajj B. Zakat C. Ihram D. Mahr E. Talaq

7. Prophet Muhammed‟stwelfth birthdayis important because
A. therewas Prophecyabout his future B. Halimah returned himto his parents C. Amina passed away
D. his fatherdied
E. Abdul Mutalib died

8. Muslim‟slast respect to the dead is by
A. offeringJanazah
B. burial with a coffin
C. dressingthe corpsein suit
D. sacrificingaram
E. keepingthe corpsein themortuary

9. Festivals are celebratedevery year in order to
A. makethe people happy
B. thank thegodsforasuccessfulyear
C. adoreanewyear
D. punish the wrongdoers in the community
E. initiate theyouth into adulthood

10. Theburial of pieces of hair, fingernails andtoenails of a corpseat his hometown signifies that
A. thereis lifeafter death
B. the spirit has contact with the living
C. lessergods want thespirit
D. witches arepowerful in one‟shometown
E. everyonemustbeburiedin his hometown

11. Mourners from thecemeterywash their hands before entering funeral houseagain to
A. break relations with thedead
B. show that theyare amongthe living
C. announcetheirreturnfrom the cemetery
D. cleanse themselves fromanycurse
E. enable them shakehandswith theothermourners

12. Bringingforth children shows that man is
A. sharingin God‟screation
B. takingGod‟sposition C. tryingto be like God D. feelingself-sufficient
E. controllingGod‟screation

13. Amo ngthe Asante farmingis not done on Thursdaybecause
A. the soil becomes fertile on this day
B. farmers haveto rest on this day
C. wild animals come out on this day
D. itis speciallyreservedfor the ancestors
E. itis thedayof theearthgoddess

14. Which ofthe following months is also aspecial occasion on theIslamicCalendar?
A. Rajab
B. Ramadan C. Sha‟ban D. Shawal
E. Safar

15. The act ofgoinground theKa‟baseven times duringthe Hajjteaches
A. bravery
B. cleanliness
C. humility D. endurance E. honesty

16. It is believed that buryingthe dead with moneyhelps him to
A. payhis debtors in thespiritual world
B. payforhis fareto cross the riverto theother world
C. paythe ancestors forwelcominghim
D. take careof his needs
E. remove anycurseon theliving

17. Blessedarethe mercifulfortheyshall
A. seeGod
B. obtain mercy
C. inheritthe earth
D. be called thechildren ofGod
E. be comforted

18. Eid-Ul-Fitr celebration teaches Muslims to
A. submitto Allah
B. givealms
C. sacrificethemselves to God
D. endurehardship
E. appreciate God‟smercy

19. The riteof throwingstones at thepillars duringtheHajjsignifies the
A. exercisingof thebody
B. victoryover thedevil
C. preparingto fight the enemies
D. securityof theholyplace
E. beginningof thepilgrimage

20. The essenceof theMuslimfast of Ramadan is to
A. keep the bodyfit
B. save food
C. makeonebecome usedto hunger
D. guard againstevil
E. honourthe poor and needy

21. The animal which is proverbiallyknown to makegood useof its timeis the
A. bee
B. ant
C. tortoise
D. hare
E. serpent

22. People normallysavemoneyin order to
A. use their income wisely
B. help thegovernment togeneratemorerevenue
C. begenerous to people D. prepare forthe future E. avoid envious friends

23. Which ofthe following practices maycausesickness?
A. throwingrubbishanyhow
B. boilinguntreatedwater
C. keepingthe surroundingsclean
D. cleaningthe teeth properly
E. washingdirtyclothes

24. Thewater and wineorgin given to the child duringnamingceremonysignifies
A. loyalty
B. faithfulness C. truthfulness D. respect
E. obedience

25. Thesaying“tastysoup draws people to itself”means that
A. emptybarrels makethemostnoise B. thereis success in unityofpurpose C. itpays to begood and niceto people D. oneman‟smeat is another‟spoison E. atastymeal is appealing to all

26. Which ofthe followingis not a cause of Teenage Pregnancy?
A. financial problems
B. broken home
C. immoral practices
D. responsible parenthood

E. peer pressure

27. Youth camps areorganized purposelyfortheyouth to
A. fend for themselves
B. find theirparents
C. learn to socialize
D. run awayfrom household chores
E. form studygroups

28. It is a bad habitto useone‟sleisuretime in
A. readingastorybook
B. tellingstories
C. playing games
D. gossiping about friends
E. learninganew skill

29. Hard work is most oftencrownedwith
A. success B. jealousy C. hatred
D. failure
E. favour

30. Oneof thechild‟sresponsibilities in thehome isto
A. sweep the compound B. provide his clothing C. paytheschool fees
D. paythehospital fees
E. provide his food

31. Which ofthe followingisnot the reason for contributingmoneyin the church?
A. provide school building
B. buildingof hospitals
C. payingthe priest
D. makingtheelders rich
E. helpingthe poorand needy

32. Thetraditional sayingthat “one finger cannot pick astone”means
A. itis easier forpeopleto work together
B. a crabcannotgive birth to abird
C. patienceisgood but hardto practice
D. poorpeople haveno friends
E. oneshould take careof the environment

33. Kente weavingis popular amongthe
A. Asante B. Kwahu C. Fante

D. Akwapim
E. Ewe

34. Oneofthe rights of thechild is the right
A. to work on his plot
B. to education
C. to sweepingthe classroom D. to attend school regularly E. to obeyschool rules

35. Which ofthe followingisnot taught in religiousyouth organization?
A. serving God and nation
B. leading adisciplined life
C. lovingone‟sneighbour as one‟sself
D. beinglaw abiding
E. usingviolenceto demand rights

36. Cleanliness is next to
A. obedience
B. service
C. godliness
D. neatness
E. faithfulness

37. “Train thechild the wayheshouldgoand when hegrows he will …………………..”
A. be as wise asaserpent
B. not depart from it
C. fear theLord
D. beagreat person
E. beadedicated citizen

38. To show regret forabehaviour means
A. faithfulness B. obedience C. repentance D. sincerity
E. honesty

39. A courteous child ……………
A. does not speak to elderswith hands in pocket
B. is theonewho does not respect theteacher
C. alwaysgoes to school late
D. does not do his homework
E. is theonewho does not obeyhis parents

40. Thetraditional healer does not normallychargehigh fees because
A. theyarein thesubsistence economy
B. theyusecowries fordiagnosis

C. localherbsandplantsareused
D. itwillweakenthepowerofthemedicine
E. oftheextendedfamilyrelationship






1. E. 6th day

2. C. joyful journeyof Christinto Jerusalem

3. C. that God would notdestroythe world with wateragain

4. E. the Supreme God

5. E. Maghrib

6. B. Zakat

7. A. therewas prophecyabout his future

8. A. offeringJanazah

9. B. thank thegodsforasuccessfulyear

10. E. everyonemustbeburiedin his hometown

11. D. cleanse themselves fromanycurse

12. A. sharingin God‟screation

13. E. itis thedayof theearthgoddess

14. B. Ramadan

15. D. endurance

16. B. payforhis fareto cross the riverto theother world

17. B. obtain mercy

18. E. appreciate God‟smercy

19. B. victoryover thedevil

20. D. guard againstevil

21. B. ant

22. D. prepare forthe future



it pays to begood and niceto people

responsible parenthood

learn to socialize

gossiping about friends


sweep the compound

makingtheelders rich

itis easier forpeopleto work together


to education

usingviolenceto demand rights


not depart from it


does not speak to elderswith hands in pocket

itwillweaken the powerofthe medicine

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