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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2012 (Science)


1 hour

1. The S.I. unit for measuring the work done by a force is
A. J. B. K. C. N. D. W.

2. The chemical formula of a compound describes the
A. number of molecules in the compound
B. type of bonding in the compound
C. ratio in which the elements are combined
D. state of the compound

3. Which of the following life processes is represented by the equation
Glucose +oxygen→carbon dioxide +water+ energy
A. Digestion
B. Excretion
C. Photosynthesis
D. Respiration

4. Each layer of soil profile is known as
A. horizon
B. litter
C. regolith
D. solum

5. When the p-n junction of a transistor is reverse biased
A. current flows from the p-type to the n-type
B. no current flows from the p-type to the n-type
C. conduction of current occurs
D. current flows from the n-type to the p-type

6. When a solid-liquid mixture is filtered, the liquid that separates out into the container is called
A. filtrate
B. residue
C. sediment
D. solution

7. Which of the following processes involves the solid state of matter?
A. Boiling
B. Condensation
C. Evaporation
D. Melting

8. Which of the following farming systems is most effective in maintaining soil fertility?
A. Crop rotation
B. Land rotation
C. Mixed cropping
D. Mono culture

9. The disease in humans which is associated within sufficient intake of calcium is
A. goiter
B. kwashiorkor
C. rickets
D. scurvy

10. The arrow in the circuit symbol of either n-p-n or p-n-p transistor is always on the
A. base lead
B. collector lead C. emitter lead D. receiver lead

11. Which of the following insect pests of crops has piercing and sucking mouthparts?
A. Aphids
B. Grasshoppers
C. Stem borers
D. Termites

12. A reflex action involves the
A. brain and muscles
B. brain and nerves
C. spinal cord and muscles
D. spinal cord and nerves

13. The type of image formed in a plane mirror is always
A. diminished
B. enlarged
C. real
D. virtual

14. Which of the following statements about acids are correct?
I. They turn red litmus paper blue
II. They can be classified as either organic or mineral acids
III. They can be neutralized by bases

A. I and II only B. I and III only C. II and III only D. I,II and III

15. A transistor is said to operate in an active region when
A. one p-n junction is forward biased and the other is reversed biased
B. base-emitter junctions are reversed biased
C. both p-n junctions are reversed biased
D. base-collector junction is forward biased

16. Tuberculosis is spread
A. through eating of contaminated food
B. when an infected person coughs openly into the air
C. through shaking of hands of infected persons
D. through sharing of contaminated syringes

17. One function of engine oil in the engine of a tractor is to
A. warm the engine
B. enhance air intake
C. ensure proper mixing of fuel
D. lubricate the engine parts

18. Blackpod is a disease of
A. cocoa
B. coffee
C. guava
D. mango

19. The efficiency of a machine is always less than 100% because part of the energy input is used to
A. stop the machine after working B. perform useful work on the load C. overcome friction
D. lift the machine up

20. Which of the following electronic components are used to produce oscillator circuits?
I. Transistor II. Inductor III. Capacitor

A. I and II only B. I and III only C. II and III only D. I,II andIII

21. Which of the following sources of light is natural?
A. Filament bulb
B. Fluorescent tube
C. Glow worm
D. Firecracker

22. Which of the following substances are carried by the blood?
I. Hormones
II. Urine
III. Oxygen
IV. Carbon dioxide

23. The practice of starting new organization in response to identified opportunities is termed
A. agribusiness
B. business enterprise
C. entrepreneurship
D. management

24. The sub-atomic particle with zero charge in the nucleus of an atom is called
A. electron
B. ion
C. neutron
D. proton

25. Which of the following management practices greatly helps in record keeping?
A. Culling
B. Debeaking
C. Dehorning
D. Identification

26. In the pin-hole camera,when the size of the pin-hole is increased, the image formed is
A. blurred
B. erect
C. magnified
D. virtual

27. Non-reactive metals are preferred in making ornaments and jewellery because they
A. are attractive
B. do not react with atmospheric oxygen
C. do not retain their lustre

D. are corrosive

28. Producers in an ecosystem are plants that
A. attract insects
B. feed on other plants
C. manufacture their own food
D. trap insects

29. The use of resistant varieties of crop in controlling diseases is described as
A. biological control method B. chemical control method C. cultural control method
D. physical control method

30. The chemical formula for aluminium oxide is represented as AlxOy. The values of x and y are respectively
A. 3 and 2
B. 3 and 1
C. 1 and 3
D. 2 and 3

31. In electrical circuits, the component that protects appliances against very high currents is the
A. capacitor
B. fuse
C. resistor
D. switch

32. One benefit of technology to industrialization is
A. environmental pollution
B. reduction in skillful labour
C. provision of machinery
D. increase in cost of production of goods

33. Which of the following factors contribute to early parenthood?
I. Poverty
II. Illiteracy
III. Lack of parental care
IV. Peer pressure

A. I and II only B. II and III only C. III and IV only D. I,II,III and IV

34. Which of the following examples of fertilizers improves soil texture?

A. Compost
C. Sulphate of ammonia
D. Urea

35. The reaction between hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide produces
A. sodium oxide only
B. sodium chloride only
C. sodium oxide and water
D. sodium chloride and water

36. In modern electrical wirings the colour code for the live wireis
A. blue
B. brown
C. green
D. green and yellow

37. An example of soil minor nutrient is
A. calcium
B. iron
C. nitrogen
D. phosphorus

38. The complete development of a human foetus in the womb normally takes
A.7 months B. 8 months C. 9 months D. 10 months

39. A material that allows a small amount of light energy to pass through it but cannot be seen through is referred to as
A. opaque
B. reflective C. translucent D. transparent

40. The leads of the transistor responsible for activation is the
A. amplifier
B. base
C. collector
D. emitter



1. C. N.

2. C.ratio in which the elements are combined

3. D.Respiration

4. A.horizon

5. current flows from the p-type to the n-type

6. A.filtrate

7. D.Melting

8. A.Crop rotation

9. C. rickets

10. D.receiver lead

11. A.Aphids

12. D.spinal cord and nerves

13. D.virtual

14. C.II and III only

15. A. one p-n junction is forward biased and the other is reversed biased

16. B.when an infected person coughs openly into the air

17. D. lubricate the engine parts

18. A. cocoa

19. C.overcome friction

20. D. I,II and III

21. C. Glow worm

22. D. I,III and IV only

23. C.entrepreneurship

24. C.neutron

25. D. Identification

26. A. blurred

27. not react with atmospheric oxygen

28. C.manufacture their own food

29. A.biological control method

30. D.2 and 3

31. B.fuse

32. C.provision of machinery

33. D.I,II,III and IV

34. A.Compost

35. D.sodium chloride and water

36. B.brown

37. B.iron

38. C.9 months

39. C.translucent

40. B.base

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