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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2005 (English)



45 minutes


Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions which follow

They are approaching the school building, holding hands as they walk to school. Ayele and Esinam are friends who attend the same school and are in the same class. Today, Ayele is not talking, though Esinam expects her to say something about her new bag. “So is that how you are? You‟re not passing any comment about my schoolbag? Dad gave it to me when he returned from America yesterday.” Ayele‟s reply is a mere grunt, but Esinam is in no mood to be unhappy. Ignoring her friend‟s mood, she breaks into a song about her parents‟ many acts of love. „Mum and Dad buy me dresses, shoes and anything I wish for, if I ask. It’s great to be young!‟

Ayele is strapping on her back an old school bag once used by her elder sister. The brown colour has faded because she washes it too many times. When she breaks her silence she speaks solemnly and without regret. “I‟ve grown used to the old dresses, bags and shoes Mum buys. She says she can‟t do more. I trust and love her.” There is a tremble in her voice, as though she is about to cry. But her eyes gradually brighten up as she speaks on: „I‟m in JSS 3, like you, and we are both doing well. It‟s great to look to the future with hope.‟ Esinam nods her agreement as the school bell rings and breaks their walk into a gallop.

1. Why is Ayele not talking today?
A. She does not like Esinam‟s new bag
B. She wants to get to school early
C. She is moody
D. Esinam is making her angry

2. Fo r Esinam, It’s great to be young means
A. having everything one wants
B. being able to go to school
C. having a mum and dad

D. being cheerful

3. We learnt from the passage that Ayele‟s parents are ……
A. sort of poor
B. rich but miserly
C. hardworking
D. honest and cheerful

4. In the passage, Ayele comes across as one who is …..
A. proud
B. hard to please C. hardworking D. thoughtful

5. The word tremble means
A. disturbance
B. quiver
C. drop
D. loudness


There are two questions that people often ask about laughter. These are: what makes people laugh, and what laughter does to them.

When you try to think of what makes people laugh or what they consider funny you start thinking about how one person behaves towards another in different situations. For example, why do people laugh when they see others behaving awkwardly, or see some kind of weakness in other person?

The explanation is often quite simple. We laugh when we see people behaving or acting in an odd manner. For example, if on your way to work or to school you see a big fat man in a leafy green suit, wearing a tiny straw hat, or at a party, you encounter a very short man dancing with a big tall woman, you will naturally laugh, won‟t you? These things are funny and queer.

Apart from the strange things that make people laugh, laughter is good for our body and health. It is good for our lungs and allows us to release extra energy. It also has a great social value. If you enjoy laughter you invite good company. Indeed, in most societies, laughter is used as a way of keeping people who do not do the right things in check. Thus laughter is a way of ensuring discipline.

6. According to the passage, people laugh when they ………
A. wear new clothes
B. see something funny
C. are at a party
D. are going to school

7. From the passage we learn that laughter makes people look ….
A. strong B. healthy C. queer D. ugly

8. People who laugh a lot …..
A. look strange
B. blame others
C. hurt their bodies
D. make friends easily

9. Societies can use laughter to …………
A. create fun
B. annoy people
C. correct behaviour
D. praise people

10. The word awkwardly in the passage means
A. foolishly
B. happily
C. respectably
D. eagerly

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