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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2012 (English)


21. Many people revered the old man for his charity to the poor.
A. glorified B. respected C. feared
D. praised

22. When they reached the frontier, the customs officer stopped the car.
A. fence
B. gate
C. entrance
D. border


In each of the following sentences a group of words has been underlined. Choose from the alternatives lettered
A to D the one that best explains the underlined group of words.

23. Awuni normally feels at home in my house. This means that Awuni …………….in my house.
A. feels comfortable
B. lives
C. moves about
D. eats

24. The students were advised to stop building castles in the air. This mean that the students should
A. be serious and realistic
B. not worry about castles
C. be serious and hardworking
D. not build any more castles

25. The chief told his linguist not to beat about the bush. This means that the linguist must
A. not stammer
B. go straight to the point
C. not enter the bush
D. cut down the bush

26. Immediately Ekuba‟s mother left the house, she let the cat out of the bag. This means that Ekuba
A. bought a cat
B. took the cat from the bag
C. left her house
D. revealed the secret

27. The teacher poured cold water on Sena‟s suggestion. This means that the teacher
A. challenged Sena‟s suggestion B. approved of Sena‟s suggestion C. discouraged Sena
D. provoked Sena


From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence

28. He had applied for a permanent job.
A. a boring
B. a dull
C. an exacting
D. a temporary

29. He has a violent temper
A. mild
B. natural C. flexible D. pleasant

30. His position made him humble
A. stubborn B. wicked C. arrogant D. selfish

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