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Bece Past Questions & Answers – 2015 (Pre-Technical Skills)


June 2015
(Pre-Technical Skills 2)
1 hour 15 minutes

[20 marks]
Answer question 1 [COMPULSORY]

1. (a) State one reason why a dressmaker would use a double stitch for fastening on a stitch instead of a knot.
[2 marks]

(b) List two suitable each methods of preserving the following food items:
(i) plantain
(ii) mango
[4 marks]

(c) (i) Copy and complete the table below by providing one suitable instrument for carrying out each of the operations listed:

Drawing a horizontal line
Drawing a circle
Measuring an angle

(ii) Sketch the following geometrical solids:
(α) cylinder
(β) cone
[7 marks]

(d) (i) What is an exhibition? [2 marks]

(ii) Give two reasons why artworks are exhibited [2 marks]

(iii) List two types of exhibition [2 marks]

(iv) State one major difference between the two types of exhibition in (d)(iii) above.
[1 marks]

[50 marks]
Answer two questions only from this section
All questions carry equal marks

2. (a) Figure 1 shows the isometric view of a wooden stand.

bece-past-questions-BDT-2015-D(i) Draw full size the front view in the direction of arrow Z
(ii) State the most suitable abrasive that can be applied on the work.

(b) State one method of preventing pinning in files
(c) (i) Make a freehand pictorial sketch of the wooden float.
(ii) Label any two parts of the tool sketched in (c)(i)
(iii) State one use of the wooden float

(d) (i) State one way of preventing accidents in the workshop
(ii) State two qualities of a good mortar
(iii) Explain the ration 1:6 in a mortar mix

3. (a) (i) Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a flat chisel
(ii) State one use of the flat chisel
(iii) State one method of maintaining the flat chisel

bece-past-questions-BDT-2015-E(b) Figure 2 shows the sketch of a type of sheet metal joint
(i) State the name of the joint
(ii) List one tool for cutting the sheet metal
(iii) State one article that can be made with the joint

(c) Copy and complete the table below

Name of tool State one part of the tool One use of the tool
(i) Hacksaw
(ii) Soldering iron
(iii) Mortise chisel

(d) State one reason each for the following operations
(i) glasspapering a piece of work made from wood;
(ii) mixing turpentine with oil paint [25 marks]

4. (a) (i) Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a marking knife
(ii) State one use of the marking knife
(iii) State one method of maintaining the marking knife.

(b) Copy and complete the table below

Name of material One property each One use each
(i) Wawa
(ii) Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
(iii) Clay

(c) Figure 3 shows a sketch of a sandcrete block

bece-past-questions-BDT-2015-F(i) State the parts labelled P and Q
(ii) List two materials used for making the block
(iii) Re-arrange the following procedures for moulding the block in their correct order:
1. tamp and use a wooden batten to strip off the excess mortar
2. batch sand and cement and mix thoroughly
3. remove and dry blocks
4. fill the mould box with mortar
5. add water and mix mortar;
6. assemble the mould box and clean the internal surface
[25 marks]



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