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Bece Past Questions & Answers -2016 ( Science)


31. The warning and safety signs on chemical containers are usually represented by a symbol placed within a
A. circle
B. rectangle
C. square
D. triangle

32. In which of the following structures in a living cell is cellulose found?
A. Chloroplast
B. Mitochondrion
C. Cell membrane
D. Cell wall

33. Elements that could easily lose electrons to form cations are
A. metals
B. non-metals
C. semi-metals
D. noble gases

34. The conversion of agricultural produce from its original form to other desirable forms is termed
A. preservation
B. processing
C. recycling
D. storage

35. The function of the hair in the nose of humans is to
A. make breathing easier
B. keep nose moist
C. filter dust from the air breathed in
D. keep the nose warm

36. A metal that is used as a thermometric liquid is
A. aluminium
B. copper
C. mercury
D. silver

37. The joule is the S.I unit for
A. energy
B. force
C. power
D. pressure

38. Which of the following gases supports combustion?
A. Hydrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Carbon monoxide

39. The form of energy which flows from one point to another due to temperature differences is known as
A. mechanical energy
B. heat energy
C. solar energy
D. nuclear energy

40. Which of the following resources does not produce energy?
A. Coal
B. Sand
C. Water
D. Wind


JUNE 2016
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‘ ism_overlock=’default’ ] 1. B. sugar tongs
2. D. ovulation
3. B. pulmonary vein
4. B. copper
5. A. Blue
6. C. inverted and real
7. A. ovary
8. B. 3
9. D. make suspended particles settle
10. C. Tick
11. C. refraction
12. C. have luster
13. C. crop rotation
14. B. goiter
15. A. easily catches fire
16. C. pathogens
17. D. Heat energy
18. B. Oxygen
19. A. texture of the soil
20. D. turns wet red litmus paper blue
21. B. Onion
22. B. stomata
23. B. Lettuce
24. A. moon
25. D. Loudspeaker
26. D. transpiration is minimal
27. B. evaporation
28. B. Adding saliva to cooked yam
29. A. glucose and oxygen
30. B. excessive release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
31. D. triangle
32. D. Cell wall
33. A. metals
34. B. processing
35. C. filter dust from the air breathed in
36. C. mercury
37. A. energy
38. B. Oxygen
39. B. heat energy
40. B. Sand

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