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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2009 (English)



From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence

21. My father has a cordial relationship with all his neighbours.
A. harsh B. hostile C. scornful
D. different

22. John‟s latest play is rather dull.
A. interesting B. informative C. sensible
D. educative

23. The feeble old man spoke for about three hours.
A. bold B. strong C. bright
D. successful

24. The thief descended the stairs hurriedly.
A. consciously
B. lazily C. slowly D. noisily

A. careless
B. lucky
C. playful
D. proud


From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.

26. My father wanted to find out how Abu was getting ………… at school.
A. on
B. down C. back D. up

27. If the boat had been maintained properly it…………..capsized.
A. had not
B. will not have
C. would not have
D. might have not

28. The white horse is …………..than the black one.
A. faster
B. very fast
C. fast
D. more fast

29. They thought he would become a businessman,………..?
A. wouldn‟t they
B. didn‟t they
C. wasn‟t it
D. isn‟t it

30. There were only two of us who ………… any idea of the answer.
A. have B. had C. has
D. would have

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