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BECE Past Questions & Answers – 2009 (English)


31. He had boarded a taxi, ……….?
A. wouldn‟t he
B. hadn‟t he
C. isn‟t it
D. won‟t he

32. Mrs. Mensah ………. in Saltpond since 1970.
A. was living
B. has been living
C. has lived
D. is living

33. The booking clerk made him ………….. a deposit.
A. to pay
B. paid
C. to be paying
D. pay

35. Kwesi and Ama are in love with ……….
A. themselves B. one another C. each other D. ourselves

36. It is …………. to attempt in one day.
A. too long and difficult a journey
B. the journey too long and difficult C. long and difficult too a journey D. too long and difficult the journey

37. The rain shouldn‟t deter you ……. going out.
A. for B. on C. by
D. from

38. Ben is leaving ……….. Takoradi this morning.
A. for B. to C. by
D. from

39. Yesterday I met the man ………..

B. whose car I bought
C. I bought his car
D. whom I bought his car

40. No sooner had the Minister opened the bank …………. the bank was filled to capacity.
A. when
B. for
C. as

April 2009




1. D. The shouting of the tenants

2. B. had hit his head against the pillar

3. D. reduce the swelling

4. C. sad

5. B. He was killed by the robbers

6. A. are born good singers

7. C. to attract the females

8. B. some of the sweetest songs

9. D. special

10. B. birds can interpret notes better

11. A. deserted

12. D. hopeful

13. B. native

14. D. praiseworthy

15. B. gratitude

16. B. blamed the clerk

17. A. became uncontrollable

18. C. ran away

19. B. lives very close to the station

20. B. his plans were unsuccessful

21. B. hostile

22. A. interesting

23. B. strong

24. C. slowly

25. A. careless

26. A. on

27. C. would not have

28. A. faster

29. B. didn‟t they

30. B. had

31. B. hadn‟t he

32. B. has been living

33. D. pay

34. B. none

35. C. each other

36. A. too long and difficult a journey

37. D. from

38. A. for

39. B. whose car I bought

40. D. than

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